If your listing images are getting cropped, it is most likely because they have a different "aspect ratio" from the space they are being displayed in. 

"Great. So WTH does that mean..."  you ask?

Basically, it means that the shape of your image is different than the shape of where it is going. Your image might be "tall" but it is being displayed in a space that is "wide". So in order for it to be displayed, it either has to get squished or cropped. Squishing images makes them distorted so cropping is the lesser of the two evils.

"Ok. So what can I do?"

We recommend using images about 1200x800 (in a "landscape" orientation) as they tend to display well on the directory as well as social media platforms. This aspect ratio is also the default for most professional cameras. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee there won't be some cropping here and there, especially across different social media platforms.