One of the ways you can find massage CE classes through the directory is to let them find you. What? 

Yep! Just subscribe to our email list and you will receive periodic emails about upcoming CE classes in your area.

If you've already subscribed but aren't receiving emails, this could be because of several different reasons:

Problem: You haven't confirmed your subscription

We use a "double opt-in" signup process. This means that after you complete one of our email signup forms you will receive a confirmation email including a link. You must click this link in order to complete the signup process. This helps to keep our lists "clean" and make sure that you really meant to join our list. The downside is that occasionally these confirmation emails get filtered out or overlooked altogether. 

Solution: Double-check to make sure you've received the confirmation email and have clicked the included link.

Problem: You have opted-out in your subscription preferences

We do our best to only send you emails that you find relevant and helpful. Part of that includes filtering which emails you receive based on your input. Each subscriber can set their own email preferences about what kinds of emails they do and don't want to receive. You may have unchecked the option to receive local massageCE classes each month.

Solution: Update your subscription preferences (via link in the footer of any email newsletter) and make sure the option labeled "Send me local updates" is selected.

Problem: Your state has no upcoming massage CE classes listed

Our automated monthly emails only go out if there are upcoming massage classes listed for your selected state. Despite our best efforts to include as many upcoming classes as possible, some states have fewer continuing education options available and may not have any classes listed from time to time - especially during slow season(s), like winter.

Solution: Hang out and relax. :-) The emails will fire up again once CE providers get back in action.

If you're sure you've completed the subscription process and still aren't receiving emails, check your spam/junk or other email folders (like the "Promotions" tab for Gmail users) to make sure emails aren't getting lost in overzealous email filters.

If you've done all that and still can't find 'em, let us know and we'll get to the bottom of it!