Verified Listings

Verified listings have been created (or claimed) by the CE provider and will display a verification icon next to the listing title as shown below. Information in these listings has been reviewed and approved by the CE provider. 

Non-Verified Listings

Some classes and business listings may display the following message:

"This class has not been verified by the instructor and may include inaccurate or incomplete details. Please contact the instructor for more information. If you are the instructor, please claim this class to correct any errors."

These listings have been collected from other resources and have not been published directly by the CE provider. The alert notice helps to inform students that the information in this listing may be incomplete or outdated. In these instances, students that are interested in more information may contact the CE provider directly. CE providers that have this notice displayed on a listing for one of their classes are encouraged to claim the listing to correct any errors and add additional information.

If you have previously contacted the CE provider using our built-in form and have not received a response, we suggest that you search Google for the CE provider's website using the name of the class, instructor's name, and city as keywords.