Bulk submissions are available for massage CE providers with at least 10 classes to submit at one time. (Bulk submissions are only available for 3 and 6 month listings.) Providers less than 10 classes may submit their classes manually using our "self-serve" form.

Bulk Submission Template Details

Please review the details below if you are unsure about what to include in each field. If you still questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Please enter the name of the CE company responsible for the class.

Instructor Name

Please enter the name of the instructor that will be teaching the class.

Instructor Bio

Please include a bio for the instructor. Background, qualifications, etc. Longer bios are better. Do not include links, HTML, or other formatting.

Class Name

Please enter only the name of the class.

Class Description

Please include a description of your class with details on what students can expect to learn and any other important information. Longer descriptions are better. Do not include HTML or other formatting.


Please select a category from the drop-down list of available options.

Start/End Date & Time

Please enter the appropriate start and end dates and times for your class. If your class is a series, offered over a period of weeks or months, we recommend listing the first day as the start date and the last day as the end date. You may clarify any scheduling details in the "class description".


Please include only the whole dollar amount without the dollar sign ($) or decimals. No explanations about "early bird" or special pricing please.


Please include only the number of CEUs provided.


Please enter the best email for prospective students to contact you with questions.


Please enter the best phone number for prospective students to contact you with questions.


Please enter your website domain.

Registration URL

Please enter the webpage for students to register for the class. This could be an event registration page on your website or on a third-party website.

Facebook Profile URL

Please include a direct URL to your business profile on Facebook.

Twitter Profile URL

Please include a direct URL to your business profile on Twitter.

Instagram Profile URL

Please include a direct URL to your business profile on Instagram.

Featured Image URL

The "featured image" is the image that will be used for your listing preview on the directory and social media posts. Featured images cannot be updated once your list has been uploaded, so please choose carefully. If no image is specified, a default stock image will be used.

  • To use a SINGLE image for ALL of your listings, attach it to your email when you send the spreadsheet. 

You must hold the copyright to, or an appropriate license for, all media (photos, videos, etc) submitted with any listings. Submission of any media to MCED grants MCED a non-exclusive license to publish and distribute submitted media to it’s websites and social media properties. MCED may also edit submitted media from it’s original form. Such edits may include additional graphics for marketing purposes.

Video URL

Video URL from YouTube or Vimeo. This can be copied directly from your browser's address bar when viewing the video. No iFrames or "embedding" necessary.

Venue Name & Address

If available, include the business name (massage school, studio, etc.) and street address of the venue where your class is being held. This will help to provide accurate information for mapping and directions.

Whenever possible, use the business name and street that matches your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

City, State Name, & State Abbr

Please include the city, state name, and two-letter state abbreviation where your class is taking place.

If you are submitting webinars, simply enter "Online Webinars" into the City and State Name fields:

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MCED Username

Enter the username you use to login to Massage CE Directory. This will allow us to assign your classes to your account.

Listing Duration

Enter the number of months you want your listing to run. Either "3" or "6". (1 month listings are not available for bulk submission.)